AI-based solution
to increase safety
and simplify entry

Our implementations

With the 5 years of experience, we are leading in terms of implementations of biometric seamless identification solutions for event organizers and sports facilities.
8 Football stadiums
20k+ stadium of Russian football premier league use our solution for ultimate secure and better customer expirience
5 Ice hockey arenas
ice hockey arenas of russian kontinental hockey league already has inegrated our solution in their secure systems
Events and conferences
Face recognition can speeds up the check-in process by 2-5 times. We provide top of existing registration services with such benefits for organisators as a real-time statistic and analytics
We use AI to improve your fans experience with a technology that can help you make a safer stadium, understand your fans and analyze the visitors for better management decisions. With our product, you can reach better goals and make native connections to your fans and visitors. We are passionate to do it with you.
While on the way to the turnstile and passing the document check, the system more than 100 times compares the face of a person with a fan base and uniquely identifies the visitor
The system captures the face of a person approaching the turnstile at a speed of 15 to 30 times per second
How it works
Our advantages
Compatible with most surveillance cameras
and leading suppliers of billet readers and turnstiles

Real time recognition
Recognition and verification procedures occur without an increase in the entrance time to the stadium
High performance
Performance in difficult conditions
(poor lighting, low temperatures, face at an angle)


Not just the technology.
Fully packed solution for led customer business.
Based on deep learning neural networks algorithms.
Identification and verification
Identification of all visitors to the stadium
Entry blacklist check
Verification of season-pass owners
Know your customer
Understand your fans
Analytics and dashboards
Collect, analyse, store and delete data.
Build filters and dashboards for better desicions
PC/WEB/Android UI
Agile User Interface for PC or WEB
Mobile clients for Android
Integrations and API
Integration with several ticketing vendors and access control systems
Open API
Reports and notifications
Generate reports for better management desicions
Configure notifications to faster response on events
Facial recognition is the only 'non-cooperative' biometric technology with extremely high accuracy and according to the real stadium use-cases, is probably the best solution you'll be able to get in the next 5 years.
Our product vision contains not only a clear view of the technology but also keeps in mind the real-life applications for these products. We invest time to make the integration with most popular ticketing vendors and access control systems on the market. And, perhaps most importantly, we have built our systems with the regulations on privacy in mind. Biometric data must be collected, used and deleted. There are 10 safer stadiums in the world, which helps us believe that our system has become an industry standard, and we want to share our vision with our European colleagues.
Alex Markachev
Head of biometrics division
Native connections
Our partners
Our technology partners and associations are leaders and experts in their industry.
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